Eat Right

Tips and Strategies for Healthy Eating

Did you know…

  • Portion sizes in the U.S. have grown over the last 20 years. See the Portion Distortion Quiz in the Tools section!1
  • Some fat-free and low-fat foods have extra sugars, which push the calorie amount right back. (2)
  • Parental presence at mealtimes increases children’s vegetable and fruit consumption, and decreases their soda consumption. (3)
  • Sleep deprivation is linked with increased appetite for junk foods. Research has shown that lack of sleep is a bigger risk factor for overweight and obesity than parental obesity, family income, or computer and television screen time. (3)

How to Eat Right

  • Know your caloric needs and eat the right amount of calories for you!
  • Eat breakfast everyday to help speed weight loss.
  • Eat smaller portions by using smaller plates, bowls or glasses.
  • Drink water to help you feel full and boost your metabolism.
  • Pay attention to feelings of hunger, eat slowly, and stop eating when you are satisfied.
  • Think about portion sizes when you are eating out. You can manage portions by sharing or taking part of the meal home with you.
  • If you tend to overeat, be aware of the time of day, place, and your mood while eating. Some people tend to overeat when stressed or upset.
  • Reduce the consumption of empty calories by choosing foods and drinks with little or no added sugars or solid fats.
  • Build a healthier plate by focusing on foods that you need such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and lean proteins.
  • Don’t reduce the variety of healthy foods in your diet. You could end up sacrificing vital nutrients and not be able to sustain the diet over time.
  • No fad diets!
  • Some research shows that diet drinks and artificial sweeteners actually increase weight gain, so stick to natural foods or foods with reduced sugar. 

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