Welcome to the Southern California Sexual Health Collaborative

Our mission: Advance innovative practices in sexual health throughout Southern California.

Group Accomplishments

The Southern California Sexual Health Collaborative (SCSHC) initially developed around the goal of having a stronger cohesive voice around statewide activities that tend to be centered in the Bay Area and Sacramento.  Specifically, many in this group were interested in having stronger input into the Adolescent Sexual Health Work Group (ASHWG).  The SCSHC also formed to face unique challenges in Southern California, including large population size, incredible diversity, national border issues and the constant barrier of Southern California’s wide-spread geography.

2015 Southern California Sexual Health Summit



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Summit Materials

Conference co-chairs:

  • Michelle Horejs, MPH, CHES, Planned Parenthood Los Angeles (Click here for Michelle’s bio)
  • Tara Beeston, MPH, County of San Diego, Health and Human Services Agency (Click here for Tara’s bio)


Funding for this event was provided by The California Wellness Foundation.

california wellness foundation





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