Welcome to the Southern
California Sexual Health Collaborative – 2013

Our mission: Advance innovative practices in sexual health throughout Southern California.

2013 Summit – February 14, 2013

2013 Summit Presentations

Click here to view a copy of the 2013 Conference Program

Activating Advocacy – Peer Advocate Model for Sexuality Education

Presenter: Melissa Strype, Planned Parenthood Los Angeles

Grindr Sex risk & HIV Prevention Among MSM

Presenters: Eric Rice, University of Southern California; Ian Holloway, University of Southern California

Health Care Reform Implementation – Sexual Reproductive Health Access

Presenter: Celina Keshishian, California Family Health Council

Orgasms Throughout the LifeSpan

Presenter: Patty Cason, UCLA School Nursing, Planned Parenthood Los Angeles

Condom Access Project

Presenters: Claire Feldman, California Family Health Council, Laura Douglas, California Dept. of Public Health, STD Control Branch

Using Sex Positive Messaging to Connect with Adolescent Clients

Presenters: Grissel Granados, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Mauricio Franco, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

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