LAUSD Learning Collaborative

Dedicated to Wellness Center Excellence 

As part of its strategic plan to improve the preventive and health care services delivered to LAUSD students and the community, the Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health (The L.A. TrusT) is the convener and strategic coordinator for the Wellness Network Learning Collaborative. The L.A. Trust provides support to the Network through the development of strategic programs and partnerships and targeted fundraising. Members of the Learning Collaborative meet on a quarterly basis to share resources, learn from each other, and measure the collective impact of the Wellness Centers on student achievement and health outcomes.

Learning Collaborative Goals:

  • Develop and sustain a school/neighborhood Wellness Learning Collaborative that will improve school and community wellness outcomes, including the impact on student achievement.
  • Develop cost-effective strategies that promote and ensure continuous and comprehensive access to medical, mental, and oral health services on Wellness Center campuses.

Wellness Network Members

Learning Collaborative Materials

“The Learning Collaborative meetings alone have been vital for me as a teacher to see the many resources available across LAUSD’s Wellness Network, resources that I can then take back to my school and to our student-led health team.  These students then become the best advocates for their peers in showcasing the health resources brought together through the Learning Collaboratives.  In this sense, I truly feel that the L.A. Trust is working as hard as any classroom teacher to ensure not only the academic success but the overall life success of all LAUSD students.”   – Osvaldo Gomez, Health Academy Lead Teacher, Elizabeth Learning Center

The LAUSD Learning Collaborative is generously funded by The California Endowment.

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