Why does The L.A. Trust engage students?

Students are in the best position to make change because they are experiencing conditions and life at their schools first hand. They are disproportionately affected by the decisions of the broader society without an equitable voice in determining their own futures. Students are able to keep adult institutions grounded, relevant, and effective. Our campus-based student advisory boards at the 14 LAUSD Wellness Center sites – with the leadership of their Trust YAB members and adult allies – are actively involved in the following health campaigns that not only promote healthy lifestyles but also advocate for the use of Wellness Center services amongst their peers.

TUPELifesaver Campaign

The Lifesaver program supports LAUSD’s efforts to promote anti-tobacco education through student leadership and connecting students to Wellness Center services at Fremont, Garfield, Jordan, Manual Arts, Carson, Washington Prep, and Jefferson high schools. The project also recruits students for an 8-week smoking cessation class and coordinates awareness events and health fairs. Events include Kick Butts Day and Health Fairs where students learn about the benefits of being smoke-free.

STD Prevention Campaign

STP Prevention 2015The L.A. Trust is working with partners to carry out a community prevention framework for STD prevention that includes community awareness through an on-line program to educate teachers about STDs, minors’ consent rights, and linkage to Wellness Center Services; a partnership with Promotoras who will train parents to be more effective in communicating with their children about sexual health; and supporting 14 Student Advisory Boards to carry out STD Awareness Campaigns that will link students to Wellness Center services. The campaigns include events and activities such as lunchtime tabling, poster contests, wellness center tours, wellness center open houses, and health fairs.

HEAL (Healthy Eating, Active Living)


1 in 3 LAUSD students are overweight or obese. The Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) Healthy School Partnership Program is a school-based initiative by Kaiser Permanente that aims to prevent and treat childhood obesity and increase healthy behaviors through full integration between the school and the Wellness Center. Student led advocacy includes raising awareness of Wellness Center services around obesity prevention, increasing access to healthy food and beverage options offered on campus, improving and increasing physical activity opportunities, and improving learning opportunities about healthy eating and active living.

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