What We Do

A Network for Wellness

The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health facilitated the opening of 15 Wellness Centers on the campuses of the Los Angeles Unified School District. These clinics offer a holistic approach in school-based healthcare in that they serve the students, their families and the surrounding communities. The L.A. Trust boosts health and wellness through the clinics by promoting preventive and comprehensive healthcare, early intervention and educational programs. Our support also extends to networks around the Wellness Centers, including their feeder schools.

The L.A. Trust’s programs encourage active participation from students and their families in these ways:

  • Parent volunteers help with oral health screenings on the school campuses
  • Promotoras engage with Spanish-speaking families to talk to their kids about healthy relationships and healthy behaviors
  • Students lead health and wellness campaigns to address asthma, substance abuse prevention, and oral, reproductive and mental health


The L.A. Trust champions many health and wellness programs to the 15 Wellness Centers campuses, including:

  • Asthma Quality Improvement Program: Work with other California school-based health centers to develop best practices in caring for students with asthma
  • Healthy Eating, Active Living: HEAL Program aims to prevent and treat childhood obesity by promoting healthy behaviors
  • Oral Health Initiative: Provides community-wide oral health education, preventive care and early intervention, and connects patients to care providers. The initiative has become a national model for integrated and sustainable school-based oral programs

Sexual Health

  • Health-E You App: A program that integrates technology to enhance reproductive health education during a clinical visit. A partnership with University of California, San Francisco.
  • STD Awareness Project: Raises community awareness, educates teachers and Wellness Center staff about sexually transmitted diseases, minor consent laws and other related issues.
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program: Integrates teen pregnancy prevention programs into LAUSD curricula. Aimed at middle school students, the evidenced-based program engages youths and parents through workshops.

Substance Use Prevention

  • Wellness and Adolescent Substance Use Prevention (WASUP) Project: The Wellness Centers use the SBIRT (screening, brief intervention referral to treatment) model to address substance use issues and needs.
  • Lifesaver Program: Promotes anti-tobacco education and smoking cessation classes to LAUSD students.

Career Pathways

  • Health Careers Pathway Project: Offers students access to health careers by strengthening employer, community, and state college partnerships in Boyle Heights and South Los Angeles.