Who We Are

The Mission of The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health

To improve student health and increase readiness to learn through healthcare access, advocacy, and programs.

The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health supports the academic success of the 590,000 students of the Los Angeles Unified School District by promoting and nurturing health in our students. Our guiding principle is this self-evident truth: healthy students make for successful students. The L.A. Trust is an independent non-profit, 501 (C)3 organization.

We drive our agenda in three ways:

  1. Improve and increase student access to quality healthcare
  2. Promote school-based health delivery systems through best practices and sustainable programs
  3. Advocate health for all students and families

Since it was founded in 1991, The L.A. Trust has spearheaded health and wellness programs at LAUSD schools, and has recently facilitated creating 15 Wellness Centers on campus that provide full primary, mental and oral health care services to the students, and their families and the communities around the schools. These Wellness Centers are a new, holistic approach to nurture student health, informed by the knowledge that when a student’s family member is sick, it directly impacts the student’s own well-being. We address this problem head-on by providing access to healthcare to the family and the community surrounding the schools.

The L.A Trust is an independent body from the school district, but we serve as a facilitator among the LAUSD schools, clinics, and community healthcare partners. We are not a healthcare provider ourselves, but we direct and expand preventive and holistic healthcare services for the students and their families.

The LAUSD’s “Wellness Initiative” calls for the development of full-service and integrated Wellness Centers in strategic locations in the district. This investment in school-based healthcare is among the largest in the country in its scope. The L.A. Trust has brought together school, health and research professionals and community stakeholders, to ensure that the health needs of students and their families are met — all in an effort to help students succeed in the classroom.

We work to strengthen relationships among school health leaders, and the city, state and national policy makers. We also work closely with students and their parents to better understand the challenges they face, and we align health partners to streamline efforts, and achieve measurable results to alleviate those challenges.

A strategic partner with the California School-Based Health Alliance, The L.A. Trust is uniquely positioned to advance the vision of wellness and health equity throughout Los Angeles County. We advance policy initiatives to shape and expand the school–based health care movement, and we convene the School Health Policy Roundtable and the Los Angeles Coalition of School Health Centers — two bodies that focus on improving delivery of care for children and adolescents throughout the county.