Cedars grant to The L.A. Trust will grow healthcare access and advocacy

Cedars-Sinai is growing its community outreach with a new two-year grant to The L.A. Trust. Photo courtesy of Cedars-Sinai. 


Cedars-Sinai has awarded $800,000 to The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health to expand advocacy, equity and effectiveness of school-based healthcare in Los Angeles County.

The goals of the two-year initiative include expanding student agency and healthcare access and increasing visits at 19 L.A. Unified Wellness Centers in high-need neighborhoods.  

“This grant is a game changer,” said Maryjane Puffer, executive director of The L.A. Trust. “It will enable us and our partners to make long-needed improvements in school-based healthcare and prevention programs and support our students and communities as they recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and address the ongoing effects of systemic racism.”  

“Cedars-Sinai recognizes the significance of The L.A. Trust’s approach to ensuring access to care,” said Jonathan Schreiber, vice president of Community Engagement. “We are proud to support The L.A. Trust in the launch of this timely effort to meet the increased wellness needs of students in our communities.” 

The Cedars-Sinai grant will fund a School Health and Wellness Initiative that will develop best practices, expand student engagement and foster research and innovation:

Policy Roundtable 

The initiative will help re-establish The L.A. Trust School-Based Health Policy Roundtable and develop it into a robust cohort of Los Angeles-based partners that will advocate for funding and policies that improve the well-being of Los Angeles County public school students. The roundtable will address pressing student health concerns, including anti-racism priorities.  

Student engagement

The grant will also help The L.A. Trust expand student engagement by adding Student Advisory Boards at new or recently established Wellness Centers on Los Angeles Unified campuses. Student engagement is a key driver of campus change, enlisting hundreds of students each year to develop health campaigns that reach tens of thousands of students. Student Advisory Board members will also be consulted by the Policy Roundtable for input and participation.  

Research and resources

The initiative will also help increase access and improve services across the Wellness Network. This will be accomplished through The L.A. Trust Data xChange, a first-in-the-nation initiative that links student health metrics with academic and attendance data to identify concerns and find solutions. Other research and best practices funded by the Cedar-Sinai grant will include a verified school-health integration measurement tool, community events such as clinic open houses, and The L.A. Trust’s long-running Wellness Network Learning Collaboratives.   

“Cedars-Sinai is a generous and forward-thinking community partner,” said Anna Baum, director of development and communications for The L.A. Trust. “They are deeply concerned about student and community health, and their expertise and funding have supported our work in mental health, oral health and prevention education for five years,” Baum said. “We are grateful for their partnership and for making this important new initiative possible.”   IrR

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