Eight major grants will power The L.A. Trust’s mission

New grants will fuel objectives of The L.A. Trust, including youth engagement. Participants in this year’s Youth to Youth Summit shown above. 


The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health is pleased to announce a series of grants that will help the organization meet its mission in the coming month and years. “During this global health crisis, the world needs these givers more than ever,” said Anna Baum, director of development and communications for The L.A. Trust. “We’re grateful they have placed their trust in us.” 

Baum reported:

The Weingart Foundation is supporting our mission with a $125,000 unrestricted operating support grant which we plan to use to support organizational planning and staff development as well as the Data xChange. We’re very pleased to partner with this foundation for the first time, which has helped nonprofits reach underserved communities for over 50 years.  

We’re very happy to announce another first-time partnership, with UniHealth Foundation to further work on our groundbreaking Data xChange.  UniHealth has been supporting nonprofit, community-based hospitals and health organizations for over 20 years. This two-year, $200,000 grant will allow us to continue integrating Wellness Network health services data with LAUSD academic data. 

Two major forces in the Los Angeles area healthcare arena have stepped up to provide relief to teens through a new initiative to be deployed next school year: The L.A. Trust’s School-Based Mental Health Education & Awareness Program. Health Net committed $50,000 and Cedars-Sinai $100,000 to this program, which is in the planning phase. By building capacity among students as peer leaders through our Student Advisory Boards, the program seeks to increase awareness of symptoms like anxiety and depression, and to increase positive coping mechanisms as well as self-referrals to care. The mental health crisis among our underserved youth can only be addressed through the prescience and generosity of funders like Cedars-Sinai and Health Net.  

The Annenberg Foundation has made an unrestricted operating support grant to further our mission to improve student health and increase readiness to learn.  We’re very pleased to be partnering with Annenberg, which has demonstrated its commitment to education and well-being for over 30 years. 

Last fall The Ahmanson Foundation awarded us a grant for furnishings and computers at Roybal Learning Center where over half the staff is located. This has already proved extremely helpful as we transition to remote work plans, and will be even more so when we reconvene on campus. 

Two recent grants have buoyed our activities: Insperity, our human resources services company, awarded a grant to support our Student Advisory Boards. The California Credit Union awarded a grant that will helps us upgrade and maintain key technical platforms like QuickBooks. These timely grants will support our student outreach during the current LAUSD closures, as well as into the coming school year.  

In addition to awarding these generous grants, all the funders acknowledged here have announced flexibility in regard to dates and fund restrictions in light of the COVID-19 environment. We applaud the efforts of our funders and express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who make these grants possible, Baum said. 

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