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The L.A. Trust helps students
and families keep it fresh


An estimated 2 million people in Los Angeles County live with food insecurity, many of them students. Eighty percent of L.A. Unified students qualify for free or reduced meals, and applications for CalFresh food benefits nearly tripled in L.A. County during between March and April 2020 when the coronavirus first hit. Studies show there is a direct connection between good nutrition and good performance in school, but too often our students and families lack access to the fresh food and nutrition they need.


The L.A. Trust advocates for robust and nutritious school meal programs and promotes active lifestyles and healthy eating habits. Our healthy living team members teach community nutrition courses, giving lessons in fresh food preparation and stretching food dollars. They’ve distributed thousands of bilingual brochures and cookbooks and reached thousands of students and family members in person. They appear at events like the Fremont Free Food Fair, work with community gardens and promote the benefits of water over high-sugar beverages. In response to the coronavirus crisis, The L.A. Trust has taken its message online and to the field, distributing bilingual materials in food parcels and hosting Spanish- and English-language online workshops covering nutrition, cooking and how to access benefits.

1. Applications for CalFresh food benefits, March 2020 vs. April 2020, Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services.


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