Adult Ally Resources

This page is dedicated to supporting adult allies and their students’ with resources and information to help roll out their health campaigns and events such as toolkits and websites from partner organizations.

The adult ally at James Monroe High School developed a student advisory board (SAB) orientation slide deck to help them train their students about the wellness center, their role as student health advocates, and information about the organizations & partners that are on their campus.

If you have additional resources you would like to share please contact Robert Renteria at

Student Engagement Tracking

Monthly Outreach Report New online form! Due by the 15th of every month following the reporting month.

Event Tracking Log Please use this form to document outreach for large crowd events such as health fairs and lunch tabling

YAB Incentive Log Please use this log to document gift cards given to students

Student Outreach Sign-in

Health Campaign Resources

Media Release Forms: