Student Testimonials

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“LA Trust has had a really big impact because it changed my junior year completely, it made me more confident about who I am, and what I stand for, and that I and everyone else around me has a a voice, and we all have something interesting and powerful to say, all it takes is to have the courage to speak and to believe in yourself, and your roar will be heard for miles and miles To say The LA Trust has had a huge impact on me is an understatement, I’ve met so many amazing passionate people because of this.” – Irma Rosa

“Health is a greater subject than I first thought of it to be. LA Trust really has allowed me to see that differently. Especially the famous saying “be careful how you treat others because you don’t know what others are going through.” And without LA Trust I would still be ignorant to certain things.” – Michel’le Bailey

“The impact that the L.A Trust has given me is to meet new and wonderful people. I got to meet high schoolers from other schools and amazing staff from the L.A. trust.” – Angel Gutierrez

“I learned that students voice matter and we have a say with what happens at our school.” – Adriana Douglas

“It has made me realize that you can make a change with voicing I opinion and as youth we actually do have power.” – Brianna Hernandez

“The LA Trust has dramatically impacted my life in the most positive way possible. I have a acquired leadership, public speaking, and social skills. This program has educated me on health and all its related aspects. I am a more secure and motivated individual. Such skills and knowledge has been incorporated in clubs I’m a part of and in my personal life. The LA Trust has taught me the true meaning of teamwork and cooperation. I am no longer afraid to be the voice of students through health and the environments. I will forever be grateful for the extraordinary experiences I have lived going to meetings and conferences. My life surely would have not been this awesome if I were not a proud YABER and worked with amazing students and adults.” – Adriana Hernandez

“It has brought me so many ideas that I have been putting out there.” – Estela Maldonado

“In a sense believe it or not, I am more open-minded.” – Leiza Castro