Tobacco Use and Prevention Education Program (TUPE)

The Lifesaver Program, formerly known as Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE), was developed with Los Angeles Unified School District’s Beyond the Bell, after school providers, ARC and EduCare, Courageous Hearts, LA City Attorney’s Office Tobacco Enforcement Program and The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health. This program addresses tobacco use among adolescents:

  1. Anti-tobacco Ambassador training
  2. Campus Outreach/Awareness Events
  3. Health Fairs
  4. Student Advocacy Projects
  5. Coordination with Sister Agencies/Community
  6. Youth Referral to Lifesaver Classes
  7. Parent Outreach
  8. Student Arts Campaign

The Lifesaver Program was created to address tobacco use from a social ecological perspective. We hope that the coordination and integration between after-school providers and healthcare providers can impact the personal and environmental factors that determine behaviors that lead to the use of tobacco. With this in mind, primary, secondary, and tertiary intervention were considered in the development of this program.

Each school campus with this program will be exposed to awareness campaigns led by student health leaders and ambassadors who are equipped to refer their peers to someone on campus that can assist the student in getting help. Students identified as tobacco users will be offered an intervention through a series of eight classes called, “Lifesaver.”

These students will find support to quit addictive behavior and learn from others who are going through similar stresses. They will be introduced to these facts: the harmful health effects of tobacco use; nicotine’s addictive properties; the tobacco industry’s intentions to hide the dangers of addictive behavior and harmful chemicals in tobacco, and about their manipulative marketing campaigns. The students will also be informed about organizations that can provide mental health counseling and healthcare services to help fight their addiction.

Want more information?

To find out if your campus offeres the Lifesaver Program, please contact your after school provider ARC Assistant Director and Special Projects, Sterling Williams  Ph. 310.671.4400 ext: 270 or EduCare (TBD).