Driving data-based solutions
to improve student outcomes


Wellness is one of the prime factors in a student’s academic (and life) success. Does the student suffer from an undiagnosed or untreated chronic illness, such as asthma, substance use or depression? Has the student missed school because of poor oral health? Does she need glasses? It is critical to connect the dots between student health and academic achievement to find solutions, direct resources and reduce health disparities in our public schools.


Access to early prevention, intervention and education programs can make all the difference to a young student. The L.A. Trust Data xChange is a ground-breaking initiative that integrates Wellness Center health data and Los Angeles Unified academic and attendance data to determine how health and wellness impact achievement. As the first of its kind in the country, Data xChange can improve health and academic outcomes for all Los Angeles public school students. We understand the importance of data-driven solutions. In addition to Data xChange, The L.A. Trust leverages its school and community connections to provide crucial backbone support to healthcare researchers and academic institutions.


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