Student engagement

We work with leading health
advocates — students


Pronouncements from authority figures often carry little weight with adolescents. But student behavior, especially among teens, can be highly influenced by peers. Research suggests that adolescents are more likely to modify their behaviors and attitudes if they receive health messages from those who face similar concerns and pressures.


Every Wellness Center school has a Student Advisory Board sponsored by The L.A. Trust where student health advocates hone their leadership skills by mentoring and training their peers. Last school year, more than 250 students served as SAB members — and their campaigns reached more than 20,000 students. These campaigns — on topics like substance use, nutrition and sexual and reproductive health — can have a powerful impact. In response to high HPV rates, many SABs created outreach campaigns including educational skits, social media and HPV myth-buster announcements. As a result, Wellness Centers saw a significant increase in HPV vaccination referrals. Throughout the year The L.A Trust holds training sessions for Student Advisory Board members and their Adult Allies, including our annual Youth 2 Youth Conference, which attracted more than 100 students and allies in March.


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