Frequently Asked Questions

School-based health centers traditionally see only students on the school campus to offer primary healthcare and treatment of disease. The Wellness Centers, however, see the students, their families, and members of the surrounding community for preventative care, health promotion, and mental health care. There are 15 Wellness Centers within the Los Angeles Unified School District and about 35 school-based health centers. CLICK HERE for more information on Wellness Center services.

All LAUSD students can access the Wellness Center regardless of their ability to pay. Their families and community members can also access the Wellness Centers but will need to have health insurance or seek assistance to set up a plan for coverage. CLICK HERE to find your nearest Wellness Center for assistance in the insurance enrollment process.

Each clinic varies. CLICK HERE to contact your closest Wellness Center to see what will be requested of you upon appointment by finding the center closest to you here.

It depends on the service requested. Signed parental consent forms are needed to access most services at the Wellness Centers for individuals under the age of 18. However, in the state of California, individuals 12 years old and older can access sensitive services without consent. Sensitive services include reproductive and sexual health services, drug and alcohol treatment, and mental health services.  CLICK HERE for more information.

It depends on the Wellness Center. CLICK HERE to find Wellness Center hours.

No, your child does not have to attend the school affiliated with the Wellness Center in order to access its services.

Yes, vaccines are provided at the Wellness Centers. CLICK HERE to see the vaccination schedule for students 0-18 in L.A. County.

Yes, we encourage using the Wellness Centers for early child (children aged between 0-5 years) preventive healthcare.

Yes. It can be a home for all of your medical needs.

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