The Mission of the L.A. Trust

To increase student health and readiness to learn through access, advocacy, and programs.

History of the L.A. Trust

The Trust was formed through a 1991 resolution of the LAUSD Board of Education. From 1994-2002, the Trust provided substantial financial support to the direct operation of the six original LAUSD school-based health clinics. At the same time, the Trust facilitated the opening of new school-based clinics (currently 34 clinics) with business plans that could be self-sufficient and sustainable without ongoing direct funding. Since then, the Trust has served as support for school-based health clinics and health partnerships through a broad range of school-linked programs, providing in excess of 200,000 healthcare visits annually to the elementary, middle and high school students of LAUSD.

Our Journey Towards Wellness

Five years ago, a strategic plan was developed by the Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health (the LA Trust) which included the creation of “Wellness and Linkage Centers” focused on prevention and linkage to community based resources of care at each high school and middle school in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Public and community health experts, LAUSD Student Health and Human Services staff, and community clinic providers informed this plan. From there, in partnership with LAUSD in 2009, the Trust worked on an LAUSD strategic proposal for the Establishment of School Wellness Centers in High Priority Geographic Centers. LAUSD’s School Board approved the plan and committed $28 million to the development of Wellness Center in the high priority areas. All of the 14 designated sites will be completed by 2014 and all of the sites have partnered with committed community clinic and mental health providers to provide services not only to the students of LASUD but the communities that surround the campus networks.

Through thoughtful planning, each full-service community clinic will open onto the campus to allow full student access, and also maintain a separate street-side entrance for members of the local community.

Wellness Centers and their Networks

The Wellness Center Network integrates and coordinates care for students and their families with a focus on prevention, education, early intervention and screening by:

  • Connecting students and families to preventive and primary care resources that currently exist, determining gaps, and securing resources to fill those gaps.
  • Leveraging a variety of LAUSD and community assets within a school complex. Examples include health, mental health and dental services, PTA and Healthy Start programs, community-based partners, providers and organizations, City and County services and school facilities.
  • Building a shared understanding among stakeholders that advancing wellness supports student achievement, which is one of the most important outcomes.

Our 2009-2013 strategic plan is specifically dedicated to the Wellness Centers and the development of the surrounding network to provide preventative and early intervention services, linkage to community-based resources, access to all children and families and linkage for children and families to health insurance.

5 Critical and Distinguishing Aspects of Wellness Networks

  1. Place-based and population-based approach that strives to positively impact health in large groups of students.
  2. Emphasis on shared outcomes and indicators.
  3. Dedication to consistent information collection, sharing and collaborative learning.
  4. Commitment to robust coordination and referral capacity.
  5. Focus on affecting system change through public-private partnerships, public policy and resource allocation within the District.
  • Testimonials

    I normally like to say that if we all could just “each one teach one, we will start to make a difference for all of us”. We have already seen this happening with the GREAT work through the Trust with our children, families and support staff.
    Sandy B. Wooten, NECC Clinic Manager/Wellness Coordinator
    The LA Trust and Student Health and Human Services are leaping forward bringing with them dozens of community partners and providers, hundreds of schools and thousands of families.
    Dale Reinert, CHAMP/Healthy Start Coordinator, Los Angeles Unified School District
    “LAUSD is committed to removing barriers that prevent our students from learning. The easy access to quality physical and mental health services that our Wellness Centers provide is a huge step in removing barriers and ensuring that our students are able and ready to learn.”
    Dr. Debra Duardo, Executive Director of Student Health and Human Services
    As social programs are impacted by lean budgets, it is up to community organizations to forge partnerships in order to ensure the wellbeing of vulnerable communities. In Los Angeles, our champion is the LA Trust for Children’s Health! They promote collaboration and innovation, advocacy and education, and programs aimed at building healthier and brighter futures for the children in Los Angeles.
    Joel E. Cisneros, Program Specialist, LAUSD School Mental Health
    Student attendance is vital to student achievement.  Providing students with oral health preventative services is equally important to the success of every student.  The fluoride varnish program will be a great addition to our instructional program.
    Hector Carreno, Principal, San Pedro Street Elementary School
    Children’s teeth are meant to last a lifetime, and a healthy smile is important to a child’s self esteem. With proper care, a balanced diet and regular dental visits, their teeth can remain healthy and strong. The L.A. Trust has committed its resources to the development of a District-wide oral health initiative to ensure our children are healthy and ready to learn.
    Roberta Villanueva, School Nurse, LAUSD District Nursing
    The LA Trust is a champion for the health and well-being of children. We understand that healthy students are better prepared to learn and succeed.
    Kristal Green, LCSW, LAUSD-Organization Facilitation
    The Wellness Center at Hollywood High has been wonderful for our family and my daughter has used the services on multiple occasions. For example, when she needed to get medical clearance to run on the school’s track team, she made a quick, convenient – and free! – trip to the Wellness Center on campus. Not only did my daughter get checked out for track, but the doctor gave her a full physical exam and offered recommendations to help her avoid recurring joint pain she had been experiencing …
    Mother of a Hollywood High Junior
    Over the years, the organization now known as the LA Trust has served as the flag bearer for health services to LAUSD students—a champion and steward of not only the specific disease-related needs of children, but of the health and related supports needed to optimize the health and wellbeing of all students and their families. The independence and expertise the LA Trust brings to these efforts is of unquestionable value.
    Helen M. DuPlessis, M.D., MPH, Senior Advisor, UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities
    The LA Trust is about the business of healthy and successful students… the continued work of the Trust, our work together is transforming what is means to partner with a school… a school district. That’s powerful and I’m excited about what’s to come.
    Nomsa Khalfani, MFT, St. John’s Well Child & Family Center
    The L.A. Trust is our sister organization working at a local level …. We know we can count on the Trust to be a solid and inspiring partner!
    Serena Clayton, Executive Director, California School Health Centers Association
    As partners go, L.A. Trust is at the top of the list. With this collaboration, our students are benefitting the most for the work they do.
    Dellis Frank, Organization Facilitator, Intensive Support and Innovation Center, LAUSD