The L.A. Trust Wellness Centers

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Developing Opportunities for Student Wellness

The Trust is collaborating with the LAUSD Student Health and Human Services Division and the Joint Use Development Program to increase student access to vital health and mental health services, wellness promotion, and health career options.

The LAUSD Board of Education has adopted a master plan to establish Wellness Centers in high priority geographic areas. With the ongoing construction of new school facilities and dedicated joint use funding, this is a rare opportunity to make a significant impact on health care provided to students in the district – and to develop further opportunities for wellness in our school communities.

  • Testimonials

    I normally like to say that if we all could just “each one teach one, we will start to make a difference for all of us”. We have already seen this happening with the GREAT work through the Trust with our children, families and support staff.
    Sandy B. Wooten, NECC Clinic Manager/Wellness Coordinator
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