Who We Are

15 Centers and Growing

The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health (The L.A. Trust) supports the academic success by improving the health of the 640,000 students of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Since its inception in 1991, the nonprofit organization has spearheaded health and wellness programs at LAUSD, including the groundbreaking of 15 school-based Wellness Centers that provide full primary care medical, mental, dental and vision care to not only their students, but their families.

What We Do

The L.A. Trust supports the school-based health programs and clinics of LAUSD in three ways:

  1. Optimize the 15 Wellness Centers to provide integrated physical, mental and oral health care services for students and their families.
  2. Promote an array of health programs to students.
  3. Advocate for health policy change at the school district, and at all levels of government.

Make An Investment in Children's Health

The L.A. Trust relies on fundraising and grants for 100% of the operating budget and to support the over 640,000 students. A tax-deductible donation would be directly applied and so greatly appreciated. Make a one-time or monthly pledge today and invest in children’s health.